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Miniature Schnauzer Puppies
Miniature Schnauzer Puppies in Greenbrier, Ar
>Website updated at minischnauzersar.blogspot.com Our babies are home raised. This is moms first and only litter. Puppies are being raised in a family with 3 children and will be very socialized and ready to pick up Aug. 28th @ 6 weeks. They were born July 17th at 8 am. Pu...
7 Adult Teddy Roosevelt Terriers - $2200...
7 Adult Teddy Roosevelt Terriers - $2200.00 in Texarkana, AR
7 Adult Teddy Roosevelt Terriers for sale. Time constraints deem we reduce our work load so we are offering these wonderful, productive and profitable dogs for sale. This is a complete breed sale out for us. If interested please view them at http://www.runningridge.com/trt.htm $2...
Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs
Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs in Adona, AR
~ Guinea hatching eggs ~ from mixed flock of Chocolate, Coral Blue, Royal Purple, Buff Dundotte, Lavender, and Pearl Gray = $15 per dozen = Shipping available = Discounts on large orders
Guinea Fowl Keets
Guinea Fowl Keets in Adona, AR
Guinea Keets are $3-$6 each. Discounts on large orders or end-of-hatch orders. Hatches due JUNE 7th, 13th, 20th, 23rd, and JULY 3rd & 8th. Colors are Pearl Gray, Pied, Royal Purple, Coral Blue, Chocolate, Buff, Buff Dundotte, Brown, Lavender, Porcelain.
Displaying 1- 4 of 4

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