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Pain Management
Pain Management
by Arkansas Spinal Care

Our clinic is the largest spinal decompression clinic in the Central United States. We have performed over 30,000 Spinal Decompression treatments. We have successfully treated patients who have had severe and chronic low back pain, severe and chronic neck pain, failed neck and back surgeries, sciatica, tingling or numbness in the legs/feet and arm/hands, severe headache patients (including chronic migraine sufferers) and fibromyalgia patients.

We have 4 DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Units. Two of our units are designed for non-surgical treatment of the cervical spine (neck). When the neck is going through the various stages of degenerative disease, pain can be referred into the arms, hands, upper back musculature (including between the shoulder blades). Two of our DRX9000 units are designed for treating degeneration of the low back which refers pain into the legs and feet.

The DRX9000 is considered True Spinal Decompression and is designed by Axiom Worldwide in Tampa, Florida. The DRX9000 is not traction. It is Spinal Decompression which creates a vacuum effect inside the discs in the area being treated. For patients suffering from the effects of degenerative disc disease, the DRX9000 can non-surgically pull (or suck) water into the disc. This can give pain relief by taking the pressure off of the nerves that go into the arms or legs. Many of our patients get pain relief without side effects and are able to avoid possibly dangerous or fatal surgeries.

SURGERY should be used as a last resort measure after all other options have failed! We have met so many patients who had failed surgery (surgeries) and wish that they had researched the failure rates of surgery before they went under the knife. It is so heartbreaking to sit and talk with these patients as the tears roll down their faces and listen to their regrets. Every person out there knows several people who have had back or neck surgery and know that the surgeries don't usually work. Pain relief is usually had for 6 months to 2 years, but the pain usually comes back and is often worse. In most cases, one surgery leads to another surgery (to remove scar tissue etc...). Surgery should be reserved for only the most severe cases where the patient is having loss of bowel and bladder function or experiencing paralysis.

INJECTIONS CAN BE DANGEROUS! Almost all of our patients have had injections performed in their neck or low back. Be Careful! Steroid injections have a long list of possible side effects. They are tissue degrading. This means that they actually break down the tissues in the area of the application and are damaging to the soft tissues. That is why most Drs. will only do 3 per year. They are trying to minimize the dosage so that the damage isn't too great to cause other complications. One side effect of steroid injections (other than gaining weight) is a condition called avascular necrosis. Avascular necrosis is a condition in which the blood supply to the bone in the area of the injection shuts down and then the bone dies and disintegrates. A common area for this to occur is in the hip joint. The hip joint in the area where the injections were administered can just die and dissolve leaving the patient permanently crippled.

PHYSICAL THERAPY won't do anything for a herniated disc! Most of our patients have been through multiple rounds of physical therapy before they came to us for Spinal Decompression on the DRX9000. Every year that went by, they went through another round (usually 6 weeks) hoping that somehow magically, what didn't help them before will somehow work now. All the while the degenerative disc disease is getting worse year by year and the pain is getting worse as a result. Physical Therapy is great! But, it needs to be done at the proper time and in the proper situations. When someone has a herniated disc or a bulging disc that has degenerated, physical therapy won't do anything to help that disc. Physical therapy will strengthen the muscles in the surrounding area and provide support but the disc is still going through degenerative disc disease. Physical Therapy should be performed at the end of a successful spinal decompression treatment series to then strengthen a more healthy environment and to aid in the recovery process.

CHIROPRACTIC is a great but not the same as what we are doing here! Most of our patients have also tried chiropractic care for their severe neck pain or back/leg pain. While chiropractic has had proven scientific effects in reducing fixations of the spine and relieving nerve pressure, it works with the individual bones in the spine to help them move better and take the pressure off of them which can relieve pain. The difference is that chiropractic works with the rotation of the bones in the spine. Spinal Decompression with the DRX 9000 decompresses the spine and opens up the disc space that is between the bones in the spine. It pulls water back into the discs and takes the pressure off of the nerves by helping the discs become more hydrated and contain more water. The discs actually become healthier through spinal decompression.

NERVE ROOT BURNING is temporary pain relief! We have had many patients who have also had this treatment done. Some were told that the pain would be back within a year and some were not. Some were told that they would have to have the procedure performed again every year and some were not. We have had patients who after having this procedure performed, lost control of the muscles in their neck or back. One patient could not hold her head up without using her hands two weeks after having the nerves burned in her neck! Thankfully, she was able to turn her head and hold her head without assistance after her second treatment on our cervical DRX9000. She was also a fibromyalgia sufferer and thanked us on her last day of care and said that our treatments "saved my life".

ROTO ROOTER? Many patients have had spinal stenosis procedures performed where the surgeon went in and "cleaned up" bone spurring in the spine to try to take the pressure off of the spinal cord and spinal nerves in an attempt to relieve pain. It is important to understand that when they go in and "grind" off the bone spurs, there is a high level of heat produced in the area and that causes inflammation. The localized inflammatory effects cause the area to go back through the same degenerative processes but faster and the bone spurs are usually back (and on their way to being larger than before) within a year. Then the patient will have to have the procedure repeated (if they got any relief from the first treatment). Some Drs. still use laser treatment to burn off the bone spurs. This treatment is lessening because of the severe, high levels of heat that the lasers produce which cause even more local inflammatory effects and long term consequences.

DRX9000 - SPINAL DECOMPRESSION - What a wonderful development in scientific technology that allows us to go in and non-surgically treat conditions that previously could only be helped through invasive and risky procedures. There are no documented side effects with this treatment. It has a very high success rate. Most patients sleep through treatments and comment that they could hardly feel that anything was being done. These are the same patients that report great relief usually very early on in treatments. The future is here! The future is the DRX9000!

ARE YOU BAD ENOUGH? Not Every Patient Can Be Accepted - Not every person is a good candidate for treatment in one of our Severe Pain Resolution Programs. A Consultation with one of our Drs. is the only way to determine if your case will be accepted. Due to the unique programs that we have implemented that involve treatments for only the severe and chronic pain sufferers, we see patients from all over Arkansas and also patients from out of state. We have to limit the number of new patients every month and always have many more inquiries than we can actually accept. The first step in the process is to call our Clinic Coordinator or fill out the request to receive information about our programs. You will be pre-screened to see if your case warrants seeing the Dr. for a consultation. If you are fortunate enough to get to meet with Dr. Keith Currie, D.C., then and only then, will your case acceptance be determined.
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